NaNoBloPoMo: Day 27

I love social media, I always have. It’s a great way to connect to others that you may not have the opportunity to meet if you depended solely on face-to-face contact. As I got more into genealogical research, I began to realize that social media could be used for genealogical purposes as well.

I’ve found general social media to be extremely useful in my research, everything from taking notice of a person’s name on Facebook and contacting them to see if they might be related to connecting with other genealogists. However, I was extremely and pleasantly surprised when I recently came across GenealogyWise. is a social media website specifically for genealogists both amateur and professional.

I would say that GenealogyWise is most closely related to Facebook. Members can fill out profile information to include surnames and locations that they are researching and can add details about their level of and motivation for their research. There’s even a place to put your blog if you have one. Members can post pictures, videos, blog posts, statuses, and can link their GW account to Facebook and Twitter. As for member interactions, you can add friends, join groups, post events, start discussions, post to forums, and even IM in real time with other GW members currently online.

I haven’t had a chance to fully complete my profile yet, but please add me as a friend at

What is your favorite social media venue for genealogy?


NaNoBloPoMo: Day 26

I love those days where you, without thinking about it, end up researching or finding something interesting about a person in your family and it just happens to be the person’s birthday, anniversary, or anniversary of their death. It makes those that have died seem like they’re with you and blessing your research. Today was one of those days.

I really don’t know much about my 3rd great grandmother, Monica Stoeger, and her family. I just know that Monica had a twin, in addition to 3 other sisters, named Francesca. I’ve also heard rumors that her father, Joseph Stoeger, was a Civil War veteran and allegedly Monica and her sisters were indentured servants in a logging camp and escaped. I spent today trying to get as much information I could on these 2 brick walls. Unfortunately these are tall, thick walls and I’m still clueless. I’ve said many times that the biggest oxymoron about genealogy is that you may be able to research another person’s family and trace back to the 1700s and even futher, but your own family tree can have some serious brick walls. So the search continues. But, while I was researching, it dawned on me that today is my 3x great-grandmother and my 3x great-aunt’s birthday! They were born on Nov. 26th. 1829 and would have been 183. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA MONICA AND AUNT FRANCESCA! I wish I had been able to know you in this life and pray that I’ll be able to learn many things about you and your family in the near future.

How do you celebrate the birthdays of those relatives that have passed?

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NaNoBloPoMo: Day 24

I think I have a new favorite TV show! On Thanksgiving Evening, a new show called Shocking Family Secrets aired on the Discovery Fit and Health channel. Each episode tells the story of a few people chronicalling the back story, the secret, how the person came to discover the secret, and how it has affected them.

The first story was about an African American Muslim woman named Nefertiti. She and her sisters were raised by their con artist father who marries 34 different women for “economic benefit”. At 16 she is abandoned by her father so she decides that’s the perfect time to try to find her mother. Within a relatively short time frame, Nefertiti locates her mother and discovers that she and her sister were kidnapped from her mother when her father discovered that her mother was trying to escape the physical abuse of the marriage.

The second story is about a woman named Ellen who was unknowingly affected her entire life by her family’s secret. Growing up, she felt very distant from her father, but never knew why. It was only when she confronted her parents as an adult that she discovered that she was not her father’s biological daughter. Her mother had an affair with her husband’s boss which produced her. To make the situation worse, her husband was aware of this and, when her mother ended the affair, her biological father took revenge on the entire family by forcing the man she knew as her father to relocate frequently for his job.

The third story really wasn’t a secret, at least from the perspective of Steve, the man the story focused on. Steve grew up knowing he was adopted and, even though he loved his adoptive parents very much, decided to look for his biological mother when he turned 18. He searched for years and came up empty handed til he discovered he’d been spelling his mother’s surname incorrectly in his searches. Armed with the correct spelling, he resumed his search and finally located her. Steve’s biological mother was not only in the same geographic vacinity, her house was on the delivery route for the truck he drove for work. Even more impressive, they both worked at the same store, just different departments.

I love that there’s finally a show devoted to outting family secrets and how they can actually make the people feel better once the truth is revealed, even if it isn’t a pleasant secret or it takes a while for the persons involved to come to terms with the secret. Check your cable or satillite listings for the next episode airs Thursday night, and if you missed this week’s, it will air right before the new one.

“And you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free” -John 8:32

NaNoBloPoMo: Day 23

Today is Black Friday, a day in which droves of people flock to stores (and websites), often spending hours in line, in the attempt to get good deals on products that are often low in quantity. A successful Black Friday boosts both the national and local economy, but did you know that originally the term “Black Friday” was actually referring to a low point in our nation’s economy, not a financial surplus?

To read about the orignal Black Friday, go here:


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NaNoBloPoMo: Day 22


I give you my top 10 “thankful for” list:

1.) Jesus and His love for you and me

2.) The legacy of faith left to me by my great-great grandparents Henry and Anna (Mattsdotter) Johnson

3.) All my living relatives no matter how far they may live or rarely we see each other

4.) My newest living relative, Chloe Grace Nokes

5.) Those very special friends that are just as much family to me as those who I share DNA with

6.) Irina who is as dear to me as any sister could be

7.) Mr. and Mr. Lyamin who are not only like second parents to me, but have given all who know them a wonderful testimony of faith, love, and obedience to The Lord

8.) The ability to live in America where I am free to be who God calls me to be and to not be held under the oppression of men

9.) Everything I take for granted… a roof over my head, clean water, plentiful and a wide variety of food… etc… etc…

10.) The ability to not only have a job, but a job that I love and can bless others with.

What is YOUR top 10 list???

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