Advent: Day 8

Christmas Cookies

Did your family or ancestors make Christmas Cookies? How did you help? Did you have a favorite cookie?

Christmas cookies were the one thing my family did, not with my parents, but with my grandparents. Dad’s mom, prior to her getting sick, always had cookies… or at least she thought she had to have cookies. There were a few years that they didn’t get done by Dec. 24th, and she’d fret to no end about it. But even if it had to be January, there were always cookies at some point. I loved going over to her house in the winter months in the morning (I went over there a lot since they lived right next door and both my parents worked long hours), because thanks to the vast number of cookies in the house and my grandfather’s sweet tooth, I was always allowed to have a Christmas cookie for dessert after breakfast. In spite of my grandmother’s perfectionistic feelings about the holidays, she always welcomed the slightly over done cookies because she liked to dunk them in her coffee. While, I don’t like over done cookies, you can often catch me dunking sweet things in coffee now.

The tradition with my mom’s mom didn’t start til I was a teenager and it’s happened much more infrequently and sparatically. I do remember one year very vividly that we still laugh about. My favorite are chocolate crackles and mom’s are molassas so we made those. There’s nothing I like more than a warm crackle so as soon as I wouldn’t burn myself, I took one. They were good, but they tasted odd.  I looked at my grandmother strangly and instantly we all knew it. We had managed to make, drop, and bake an entire batch of both crackles and molassas cookies without realizing it! It’s then that I realized that powdered sugar is Christmas magic. While I do prefer chocolate crackles, the molassas crackles were actually quite good, considering I don’t like the regular ones at all.


Do you have any Christmas cookie disaster stories?


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