NaNoBloMoPo: Day 28

This morning, like always, I singed into my account and was surprised to see a new comment. I only have 1 other one so and that’s on a different tree, so that caught me off guard. The woman was wondering how I’m related to the Schommer family. As much as I was looking forward to making this connection via the Schommers to this person, that soon took a back seat. Her user name contains her married surname which is Wittman. I was instantly curios as to how her husband may fit into our family. I didn’t know his first name but given his last name and his wife’s name, I was easily able to figure out that her husband was Linus Wittman, my first cousin 1x removed who I already had in my family tree. His father Anton was a brother to my great grandfather Louis. It’s funny, but when I went back in my tree to look at their entries, I noticed that I already had Bonnie’s maiden name listed, but I have no recollection of entering that detail. If I had, I should have also recognized it as the maiden name of my paternal grandmother Betty Domer’s aunt Anne. A little research uncovered that Bonnie, too, is a niece of Carl and Anne, she’s just biologically related to Anne, while my grandmother was biologically related to Carl. What a small world! I can’t wait to learn more about Carl and Anne from her. Stay tuned!


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