NaNoBloPoMo: Day 21

Our history is slowly dying. Those that have been a part of pivitol points in history are dying, historic buildings and places are suffering neglect, people are becoming less interested in their own family’s history, and a slow economy is causing museums and other educational facilities to cancel.

I recently read an article about the Seattle Veteran’s Museum. Sadly, like a lot of other businesses, the museum has fallen on hard times and has closed causing the exhibits to be put into storage. They’re hoping that someone will step forward offering a proper home for these things, but nothing yet. If no alternative is found, these things will be put away only to collect dust and be forgotten.

We must each do our part to preserve history… Talk to those in past generations about their growning up years, do genealogical research or hire someone to do it, write your own memoir, volunteer at an organization dedicated to the preservation of history, visit museums to give them revenue, the list goes on. If we each do our part, there will be tools for tomorrow’s generations to learn about their past.

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