NaNoBloPoMo: Day 20

Growing up, I was blessed to live within a 15 minute drive of all 4 of my grandparents til my paternal grandmother, Betty Domer, died when I was 19 and even today I still live in that vicinity of my 3 existing grandparents. Not only did I live close to my paternal grandparents, I lived right next door to them. This allowed them to be my child care providers. Being with them for at least 3 hours a day, 5 days a week fostered a great relationship with them. My relationship was especially close with my grandmother, partly because my grandfather was either working (when I was very small) or doing work around the house, and partly because we were both female. During these hours, we spent lots of time talking about her family and looking at pictures. This is when my genealogical appreciation and curiosity started. Sadly, on November 20th, 2004, she died. In some ways it seems like forever, but there are other times, like when I’m doing genealogical research and find something interesting about her family, that I almost forget she’s gone. So tonight, I pause to remember my grandma Betty and thank God for not only all the gifts she gave me, including an appreciation for my family history, but also the ability to feel her with me when I do research. She is gone, but never forgotten, and I will continue to tell those that were either too young to remember or not able to meet her, like my cousins Mason and Lydia, what a wonderful woman she was.


How do you remember those family members that have passed?


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