NaNoBloPoMo: Day 16

Chloe Nokes is here! My second cousin, Kelly Nokes (née Luttrell) and her husband Michael welcomed their first daughter today and she joins older brother Evan, lovingly dubbed “short boy”. As a child, I was incredibly close to my grandma’s nieces (and their children and grand children) and nephew in spite of only seeing them once or twice a year. I even thought of Kelly, who didn’t seem nearly as old as she actually was, as an older sister. Sadly, after my grandma Betty became sick, we stopped having Easter at her house and the family reunions stopped. Since then I’ve only seen them 3 times, twice for funerals and for my father’s wedding. Since locating them on Facebook, we’ve been talking about having a family reunion, but sadly it has yet to take place. That is, til now. So many times people locate their family members only after their already gone or, if they do see their living relatives, only do so at funerals. I’m taking steps to change that. Take every chance you can to see your family. If you can’t physically be in the same room with them, Skype. Life is so much better when we have people that we love to go through it with. So thank you Chloe for being born. You’ve sent plans for a family reunion into high gear!


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