NaNoBloPoMo: Day 8

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve more than likely seen the viral status going around where people post something they’re thankful for each day through out the month of November. A lot of them are obvious such as family and friends while some of them aren’t, such as being thankful for a real tooth brush vs. some archaic utensil. Today I had an experience that really made me thankful for knowing who I am.

One of my fellow genealogists is in the process of researching her husband’s family, but this isn’t your average genealogical research project. You see, her husband was adopted. She was able to locate her biological mother-in-law (unfortunately deceased), but the identity of her father-in-law is still a mystery.

My love of genealogy started with my own family. I loved seeing old pictures and being able to identify features in them that I see in myself or another relative. I loved learning details about their lives that resonate in my own. This feeling is exactly why I decided to start my own business. While the people that I research for clients aren’t “mine”, I love the ability to give that feeling to others.

Nature vs. Nurture is a really interesting concept from a genealogical stand point. I’m not saying that tracing the genealogy of the people that raised you wouldn’t be interesting and meaningful, but that’s only one piece  of the puzzle, just as anyone is made up of different pieces. Imagine not knowing where you got that nose or wondering if your mother also twirls her hair around her finger when she’s nervous. Where did you get your complete aversion to green beans? The list goes on. Who we are is made up of so many aspects, but our genealogy is undeniably one of them and I can’t imagine not knowing who’s responsible for me being here to be the person that I am. But I do know, and I’m not only incredibly thankful for those people, but for simply the knowledge of knowing who those people is and were.


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