NFH Month: Day 31

WOW! I can’t believe that National Family History Month is almost over! I pray that it has been a month of fruitful searches, exciting discoveries, and much appreciation for the past

NFH Month Celebration #31:

Today, thanks to finding an obituary. I FINALLY found out how my maternal grandfather’s brother’s first wife’s mother’s family fits into my maternal grandfather’s maternal grandmother’s family. My aunt Shirley’s great uncle Peter Jaeckles married Gertrude Micke, sister of my maternal grandmother, Anna Micke.

NFH Month Fun Fact #31:

As of tonight I have 11 Petronellas in my family tree (10 first names, 1 middle name). 10 of them originated from the Netherlands and one from Belgium. GIven that they’re neighboring countries, I think I need to do research on historic country occupations and borders.


Have you ever done some investigating on your family only to come up with nothing because you later realized you had your facts completely wrong?


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