NFH Month: Day 30

NFH Month Celebration #30:

I’ve reached 6,000 people on my GEDCOM as of this morning! I still have so far to go though.

NFH Month Fun Fact #30:

Today’s fun fact comes from a discovery made this morning. It turns out that my great aunt and uncle (my maternal grandfather’s siser and her husband) were actually blood related. Alois Nettekoven’s mother was a Micke. Alois’s grandfather John Micke was the brother of my grandfather and Shirley’s paternal grandmother. This would make them 2nd cousins. I’ve heard of (and have even seen it in my own GEDCOM) spouses being blood relation, but it’s usually at least 4th cousins. I’ve never seen spouses related so closely before (unless of course it’s in disgustingly distasteful jokes about people living in the south). That’s not what bothers me though. It’s the fact that their children would also be their 2nd cousins 1x removed. Weird. Alois died 4 1/2 years ago right before I was to leave on vacation and I was under great stress debating whether I should or not so I completely forgot to look at the obituary or I would have pieced this together at that time (although I’m shocked no one in our family ever said anything). Better late than never, right?


Do you have anyone in your family that is blood related to their spouse in some way?



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