NFH Month: Day 28

NFH Month Celebration #28:

I wouldn’t call this a celebration, but more of a silver lining moment. I went to John Kiley’s wake tonight with the intention of supporting my friend. Turns out she wasn’t even there at the time I was. I did; however, get a chance to talk to his widow Cherie. Even though she was not the primary person I intended to support, she was so touched that I even bothered to come. She even wants to meet again under better circumstances. I think I made her day, and that made mine. 

NFH Month Fun Fact #28:

Today is my uncle, Jim (NOT James as so many people have assumed… that really bugs my grandmother 🙂 ) Wittmann’s birthday. Happy 52nd birthday uncle Jim! (He’ll shoot me if he ever finds this blog entry revealing his age.)


Have you ever done something anticipating one result only to experience a completely different, and better, outcome?



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