NFH Month: Day 27

NFH Month Celebration #27:

WOW! What a great day for genealogy celebrations! Upon waking up, I rushed online to see if Mae’s obituary was up yet. It was! Turns out her given name was actually Mary Therese. No way would I have found any info without that info. It also listed her husband, who’s still living, as Jack. Knowing what I know, I decided to assume his given name was John and began my search. I was right. And even better yet, there is a connection between him and my great great aunt Ann Schommer. His grandfather Casper (isn’t that a cool name?) is the brother of Ann! Once confirming this connection I did some research on the Schommers and eventually came across a woman with the maiden name of Verstegen born in the Netherlands in 1776. This really peaked my interested because a Martinus Verstegen born in the Netherlands 10 years earlier is affiliated to the Coonen family. If I can confirm a connection between these two Verstegens, this would be the missing link that would connect my mother’s family to my father’s family though what I call the genealogy domino effect.

After doing research all morning, I decided to take a TV break. Now, I don’t celebrate halloween and am the last person to watch anything related to vampires, but when I saw the show Bloodlines: The Family Tree of the Real Dracula, I just had to watch it. It was ok, I expected it to be better though.

Then this afternoon, I got a reply on a message I sent a man I only knew as “Mr. Self” on Joshua is my 4th cousin. He comes from the line of Victor Matsdotter, Anna’s brother. He was the first person to reply to a message that I’ve sent. It was really exciting! Interestingly, he’s from Birmingham, AL. I wish I would have known that 8 years ago when I was there!

NFH Month Fun Fact #27:

My mother’s cousin Joseph Wissink Jr. was sadly killed in a car accident in high school. One of his pall bearers later became the husband of one of my mother’s former employers. 


Today’s been jam packed with wonderful finds! What did you discover today?


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