NFH Month: Day 25

NFH Month Celebration #25:

I located the obituary of a Mae Schommer in the paper today. I’m currently in the process of trying to determine if there’s a connection to my family. My paternal grandmother’s uncle Carl Johnson married a woman named Anne Schommer. Their daughter was Doris Johnson who I wrote of earlier this month. Unfortunately, Ms. Schommer’s obituary contains virtually 0 useful information. Only her name (if this was her married surname, no maiden name was given), age (which could mean she was either born in 1930 or ’31… although being this late in the year, she likely had her birthday already and thus born in ’31), and location of the funeral home and church (so at least I can likely assume she lived in that vacinity.) When writting an obituary (for yourself or a loved one), please include information about those that preceded the person in death and those that they are survived by. With this information, obituaries can be genealogical gold mines whether you’re doing the research yourself or have hired a professional. Without this information, it makes it much much more challenging to find a connection between the subject of an obituary and a family.

NFH Month Fun Fact #25:

Carl Johnson was a World War I veteran. He was also a farmer by occupation.


Have you ever encountered a road block or difficulty with an obituary? What was it and how did you overcome it?


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