NFH Month: Day 23

NFH Month Celebration #23:

Again, not a literal “act of celebration”, but what a way to honor National Family History month that you have an experience like this:

A sign I’ve been doing genealogy for too long (if that’s possible…): Watching TV and there’s a character (not the actor who plays him) by the name of Mr. Wolf. Wolf just happens to be the maiden surname of one of my great-grandmothers so I, without thinking (obviously!), immediately think, “I wonder if we’re related!”. Then, of course, it dawns on me, “Oh yeah… that guy isn’t real…”

NFH Month Fun Fact #23:

When my father married my step mother, Terry Potratz, I acquired 2 step brothers and a step sister (as well as well as a niece- I now have 2 more nieces and a nephew). Today is my youngest step brother, John-Michael’s, birthday! My step siblings’ surname, Pitzo, was originally Pizzoferrato. Their great grandfather, Isodoro, was the last person to have that surname. 


Has your surname changed over the generations? How? When? By whom? For what reason?


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