NFH Month: Day 20

NFH Month Celebration #20:

I am not a morning person. So much so that I’ve often said that prior to 6am should only exist if you’re on the way to the airport. I would even pick working 3rd shift over being at work before 8am. But as much as I hate early mornings, that’s how much I love the farmer’s market so, since the rain held of, I dragged my tired self out of bet at 6am… and boy am I glad I did! Along with my usual farmer’s market treats (I may or may not have had pumpkin cheesecake gelato for breakfast…), I stumbled across this booth selling cheeses. Now, unless it’s on a sandwich or in mac ‘n’ cheese, I’m honesty not really a cheese fan. Yeah, yeah, I know… not adoring cheese even though I was born and raised in the Cheese State has gotta be an act of statehood treason. I paused at this booth and happened to glance down at the label of the cheese that was on sample and my interest was instantly peaked. Juustoleipia (in spite of being in the “American” section of the website) is a Finnish cheese! Well, after finding out more about my great-great grandparents Henry and Anna Johnson, I just had to try it. Mind. Blown. I don’t know how they do it, but this stuff really does taste like warm cheesy bread. After sampling, I just had to have some so I purchased a slab and spend the rest of the afternoon looking forward to dinner more than I have in a long time that didn’t involve sushi. (Too bad I’m not Japanese, huh?) I decided to go simple and just heated some up and served it with some smoked ham (since the most common protein source in Finnish meals is pork). Yes, there are gluten free breads, but by using this cheese and forgoing the bread completely, you have a wonderful gluten free, lower carb alternative to a grilled cheese that’s just as good, if not better. I think next time I’m going to add some red peppers and tomatoes… yum! To check out the Juustoleipia as well as cheese and other goodies from several other nations, head to

NFH Month Fun Fact #20:

My paternal grandmother, Betty Domer, talked quite a bit about her aunts and uncles on her mom’s side, but I don’t recall her mentioning her uncle Paul. I can’t wait to find out more about him.


Do you have a favorite ethnic food or meal? Is the ethnicity of origin part of your ethnic make up or is it just plain good?

Have you ever stumbled upon a family member you didn’t previously know existed?




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