NFH Month: Day 19

NFH Month Celebration #19:

Today was a silver lining type of day. Sadly, yesterday our church lost one of its life long members, Donald Bork, after a long battle with Parkinson’s. The silver lining is that I discovered his widow’s maiden name is Krause, the surname of my MMM grandfather, Gustav Krause. I haven’t found a connection yet, but I’m still looking.

NFH Month Fun Fact #19:

The Krauses have strong genes. 7 of their 9 children lived past the age of 80, many past 90.


Have you ever found out anything about your family in the newspaper?

Does one branch (or more) of your family tree carry genes of longevity?



One comment

  1. Lori

    How old was Mr. Bork? My paternal grandmother lived to two weeks short of 107. Her mother was born in Germany. My grandmother’s aunt was married to a Bork. I believe they immigrated together. I have photos of the Bork family, but there was one daughter who I could not trace….hmmm…maybe I’ll revisit that search.

    I’ve definately found valuable information from obituaries in the newspaper. RIP Mr. Bork.

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