NFH Month: Day 18

NFH Month Celebration #18:

Channel surfing for something to listen to while working today, I came across another episode an old school tv program that had to do with genealogy. Today it was the episode of Saved by the Bell: The New Class entitled Slater’s War. In this episode, AC Slater falls for Theresa, a beauty in one of his classes who shares his Hispanic heritage. The interest; however, quickly goes beyond things skin deep as Theresa urges and motivates AC to take a vested interest in his ethnicity. It’s only then tat he discovers that his father changed his last name from the Hispanic in origin Sanchez to the Anglicanilzed Slater because he felt it necessary to hide his ethnicity. Motivated by this, AC even bails on a weekend ski trip to stage a sit in on campus in an attempt to bring a Chicano studies department to the campus (UC Berkley). I love this quote by the character of Theresa.

“Knowing where you come from doesn’t make you less of an American, it makes you more of a person.”
If you wish to watch the episode, part 1 can be found at the following link:


NFH Month Fun Fact #18:

My paternal grandmother, Betty Domer, had an older brother she never met. Sadly, Dale died of pneumonia as a toddler.


Did anyone in your family change their name for fear of, or to escape, persecution? 



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