NFH Month: Day 11

NFH Month Celebration #11:

Well, today I attempted to give myself a history lesson. I’ve always been a lover of family history… Academic/world history, not so much. But I decided today I was going to really concentrate on the place of origin of my maternal grandmother’s maternal side. Depending on who I’m focusing on and what sources I’m working with, I get locations rangng from Poland, to Russia, to Prussia… Even Germany. Unfortunately, as tonight, I have no answers. So I guess you’ll just have to keep following my blog.

NFH Month Fun Fact #11:

My paternal grandmother’s father was taken to the same funeral home that he worked at. My grandma often told stories about having to go there after school and getting totally freaked out.


Is there a big mystery involving someone in your family that you just can’t seem to figure out?


One comment

  1. Ana

    Have you considered reading military histories or some articles on country borders and how they’ve changed? I have a Lithuanian relative that for a portion of his life was considered Russian because of the Russian Empire owning Lithuania. When Lithuania reasserted it’s Independence after WWII, he was a Lithuanian again. Poland and Lithuania have joint borders and have traded towns (including Lithuania’s capital). They were also at one time or another occupied (at least partially) by Germany and Russia…… so the location for your relative could be right on.

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