NFH Month: Day 9

NFH Month Celebration #9:

Channel surfing tonight I came across an episode of The Nanny. I love this show, but for some reason I’ve never seen this one. In this episode, Fran meets a handsome Jewish doctor at a bar and they soon begin dating. Shortly there after, Fran strangely runs into Dr. Bob at a family wedding and Fran’s worst nightmare is realized when her mother introduces the doctor as her 2nd cousin!

NFH Month Fun Fact #9:

I can relate to Fran. Well… On a much less intimate level though. In high school, one of my favorite teachers was Kory Coonen. One of the younger staff at school, he was so easy to relate to. Mr. Coonen was the kind of teacher that you could not only talk to about his course work, but other classes and even non school topics. Mr. Coonen’s classroom was a common hangout for students of all grades before/after school and on breaks… and other kids actually thought you were cool for hanging out with him. Kory was such a good sport about hanging out with the students that he even allowed us to tease him good naturedly about certain details of his away from school life. Anyway, after graduation I continued my friendship with Kory. This guy is even cooler when he isn’t assigning homework and detention! A few (we’ll leave the exact number to your imagination) years after graduation, I got into genealogy and discovered that he’s the great-great nephew of my great-great grandfather Michael Wittmann and his first wife Mary Coonen! So we’ve been distant half cousins all this time and only recently found out!

On a side note, Kory is a very talented musician! His band, 4 North Acoustic plays both private and public gigs and all of their tips are going to the Emergency Shelter of the Fox Valley. Check ’em out at and


Have you ever formed a personal, friendship, or business relationship only to find out later that you’re somehow related?


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