NFH Month: Day 6

NFH Month Celebration #6:

I have confession. I hate tedious work. Even if I know it’s tedious work with a purpose or something I’m good at. I need to have some excel work done and have even found someone willing something for me, but I still need to do some tedious preparation to make her job easier, so I’ll be “celebrating”, by doing that tomorrow. That is, after I get some sleep. It’s almost 3am here!

NFH Month Fun Fact #6:

My MPP great-great grandfather (my own crazy, but short, way of saying “my mother’s father’s father’s father” M= maternal and P= paternal), Michael Wiitmann, was married once before marrying my MPP great-grandmother, Anna Micke. His first wife, Mary Coonen, left him a widower and single parent of an 11 month old, Minnie,  after suffering from chronic peritonitis. He married Anna just under 1 year later and went on to have 11 more children. Minnie and her oldest half brother, Henry, were less than 2 years a part. Minnie was raised no different than her siblings and everyone thought of her as such. The Wittmann and Coonen families were so close in fact, that there are several Wittmann/Coonen marriages.


Do you have any stories in your family of someone losing one, or both, parents at a very young age? How did affect them?



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