NFH Month: Day 3

NFH Month Celebration #3:

Ok, so it’s not so much a celebration, but I’m going to spend today trying to not completely confuse myself (good luck with that, right? Ha) in my attempt to sort out some conflicting info and find the correct wife for someone on my GEDCOM. Pray for my sanity…

NFH Month Fun Fact #3:

My great-great grandparents, Henry and Anna (née Matson, originally Matsdotter) Johnson were founding members of Trinity Lutheran Church in Unity, WI.

And you?



    • itfgenealogy

      I wish, Cheryl! Unity is a couple hours north of me. Although in the church I do attend, about 75% of the members are related to someone else in the church. I have no heritage in my church. The only people I’m related to there is my aunt, uncle, and cousins; however, a descendent of my great-great grandfather and his first wife does go to our church and the bishop of our synod is a distant cousin from my Unity area family.

    • itfgenealogy

      It is Kim. It’s great to find out that you have an ancestor who’s known for something in the community, but when it comes out of their faith it really is the best legacy there is.

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