Happy National Family History Month!

Happy National Family History Month everyone! Each day I’ll be posting a new way I’m celebrating NFH month and a fun fact or find  about a person in my family. Please feel free top comment with your own NFH month celebrations and family finds/fun facts.

NFH Month Celebration #1:

I spent today working on the branch of my tree starting with my great aunt’s 2nd husband. He and my great aunt married when I was a toddler so he isn’t my great uncle in the sense that he and Vern never had children together that I’m related to, but he’s all I ever knew in that role. After struggling to find him in a census as a child, I finally made progress and even located pictures of a couple of his maternal great uncles… They are definitely related!

NFH Month Fun Fact #1:

Someone on ancestry.com seems to think one of my 4x great grandfathers spent time, and died, in an insane asylum… But I’ve never found any other corroborating info.

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